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Jan 7, 2009
Hey im on Windows 7 and I use the Intel(R) Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN and windows always installed it by default. Connecting to networks was always fine until I got somewhere where I had to connect to a new one.

So I selected the network from the list of networks from the system tray as you can usually and entered the WEP code wen it asked and I connected fine. Of course I forgot to click save on it and after I rebooted my computer I had to put it in again. But now instead of connecting me after entering the WEP an unusuall screen kept popping up telling me it needs Username/Password credentials.

Neither me or the owner of the connection had any idea, he restarted the router and even changed the WEP key. Still nothing same authentication screen for some unknown username/password. So I decided to do a clean install on a fresh partition of Windows 7 entered the new WEP code there and voila it works I saved it this time and its always fine on this partition.

Now my problem is what has happened to my main partition the only things I did there was uninstall and reinstall the driver for the wireless card which is the same one. Everything in device manger looks same and the device is functioning property but it simply does not show up any wireless devices at all whether I switch the wireless card button on or off on laptop computer.

I;m wondering if there is some kind of thing in windows to just totally reset any and all of these internet type settings because I've tried reinstalling the driver and restarting many times, doesn't even let you make a wireless connection manually simply makes the little box pop up on the system tray saying there are no connections available.

Any ideas on this toughie?
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I think by default its looking for WPA-TKIP. Someone please verify or correct me...but look into the security settings for wpa
And where would that be? I'm not getting any networks even displayed at all and there is a few in the area that I always see all works fine and normal on a fresh install. The network connection icon in the system tray doesnt look like the normal one where wireless is switched off ( the 5 steps with red across it) Its like an empty box with a red wire thing around it.

Here is some screenshots of the problem it detects my network fine but doesnt show the networks that are around.
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