Creative XFI Extreme Music on plays in one speaker only


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Hi Guys,

I have installed the lastest driver from creative. Installation proceeds with no problems. When I run speaker test on my 7.1 all channels work. However when I play audio only left front speaker plays.

I tried installing my Chris-tv and it also only plays in left front speaker, but the audio is comming through twice. It appears if it is comming via the PCI bus and the auxilary connection from the tv card to the sound card. Tried the audio with media center and it aslo only plays in left front speaker

Also the creative audio console does not load automatically. I have to manually start it after each time
Any help will be great.


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Are you using an optical (SPDIF) cable?

What program are you using that the sound only comes through in one speaker?

By the Console, do you mean the Nvidia Control panel?


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Im not using the digital input. Just the normal analog connectors.

The sounds comes through the one speaker with media player, chris-tv and media center

The console is the creative console with settins for the equalizer and so forth


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Could you provide the exact make and model of your Creative sound card?

Where did you download the drivers from?


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The card is Creative XFi Extreme music and the model no is SB0460


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Hi Viper,
just in case you may have missed this but have you configured your speakers in sound properties (see screenshot).

Apologies if you've already tried this..

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