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ever heard of crowd-sourcing a novel? cnet has. and to prove it … they provided for a collaboration of contributors(writers) spanning earth's six habitable continents (7th, antarctica, omitted).

title of the book: crowd control: heaven makes a killing
the story-line evolves around parallel universes … incorporating biotechnology as the main focal point.

April 19, 2051 - Earth Version EB-2

The moment that would come to define the relationship of two planets across two universes was based on a lie.

"So, you're telling us that you know God? You're saying you've spoken to God, essentially?"

The host sat leaning forward with her elbows on her knees, speaking slowly, wanting to be sure to get the phrasing just right to prevent the evasive answer she anticipated.

"Sure, I know God very well," the tall woman said nonchalantly, leaning forward in response …

at cnet's website principal, your browser's scroll expands all the way down … think cnet has omitted other articles in lieu of keeping the story contained.

and, cnet as it is … make sure your ad-blockers are enabled. if using your browser's "reader" … most story images are omitted.

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