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On March 22nd, the long anticipated Crysis 2 was been finally released on the market. Prior to the release, dedicated fans had the opportunity to experience the Demo, which provided a quick glimpse at the multiplayer gaming experience in Crysis 2. While lacking the actual campaign, the Demo did introduce the multiplayer engine, revealing some of the abilities and modes which the actual game would include. The game is designed as a sequel to both Crysis and Crysis: WARHEAD. However, the settings and the environment are completely different. Instead of the island jungle settings of the previous releases, the game occurs in the city, in particular New York, creating a faster paste environment.

In order to create completely new dynamics, the creators of Crysis 2 introduced a new updated engine: CryENGINE 3. While there are several great engines (like Unreal Engine) that allow for a dynamic gameplay, Crytek went a step further and emphasized the lighting and shadow tessellation as well as a variety of other features in order to create the most realistic environment. This is particularly noticeable, when looking at water rendering. Aside from the wave propagation and ability of water surface to respond to the actions of the player, when submerged a player will find himself engorged in the stream of volumetric sun shafts. It is surprising that the requirements for the Crysis 2 are actually similar to those of the original Crysis.

This is partly because Crysis 2 is not a DX 11 game, though it has elements of DX 11 graphics. The release of Crysis 2 was geared not only towards PC, but also other consoles like PS3 and XBOX360, which are unable to render polygonal components nearly as well as the newest graphics cards.

CryENGINE 3 can successfully cater to any system without applying too much stress onto the system itself. Unfortunately,

Crytek's decision to cater to the console market results in lower quality textures and polygonal rendering. Though the graphics are by no means bad, they do not have the "wow" factor that Crysis and Crysis: WARHEAD did.

In addition to gameplay and graphical changes, the storyline of Crysis 2 takes on a new turn and brings the player to New York. More on single player and multiplayer will be discussed further in the review.

Here we have a quick overview of gameplay, while the next few pages will go into gameplay explanations, story, performance tests, and much more




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The Dx11 patch has been announced... so thats gonna boost the graphics hopefully, as it stands, the suit controls are better optimised than the previous outings, although theres quite a heavy COD influence to the multiplayer it does work quite well (I'd say better than any of the COD series by a long shot in fact) and the single player campaign clocks in around 10-12 hours and has a very good story, very good level design and the best graphics I've seen for DX9 ever (Although i hate the motion blur and the smudged looking smoothing they forced upon us) especially once you get around mid campaign onwards, also the soundtrack by hanns zimmer is awesome.

My main complains apart from the smudgey filtering would be a lack of vehicles on multiplayer... its close up warfare on foot, the maps arent small but neither are they big... in that respect its a step backwards from crysis wars, but still worthy of a 90% rating.

In the current TOP 5 FPS, it's certainly jumped to the top two spot, with only Bad company 2 ahead, Medal of honor i'd place third, with homefront snapping at the number 4 spot just ahead of Black ops.

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