IMAGES Dear people of Iceland, help me visit your country please!

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    Dear Icelanders, members of this Windows 7 Forum

    My name is Vanneste and I'm 23. I live in Belgium and I study IT and economical sciences.. Here in my country, an important tv channel organised a cool contest a few days ago. We have to choose a city and plan a citytrip. The winner can go to the city of his choice, on the costs of the tv channel. I've picked Reykjavik because it has always been a dream of mine to visit the beautiful Iceland!

    To make a chance, I need to have votes. It would mean a lot to me if you could help me by voting for my Reykjavik citytrip! There is no registration needed, just a click on the red button "STEM OP DEZE CITYTRIP" (above on the right). This is the link to vote:

    (note: when you click the link, a 10 sec movie about the contest will start. When it is finished, you'll see the vote button)

    If you have any questions of if I can help you with something in return, please let me know!

    It would mean so much to me!! Please support my citytrip to Reykjavik with a small vote... thank you so much!!



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