Windows 7 Defrag: SSD Questions, Tagging Files, Mirroring Drives, Hardware Hacks

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    Microsoft tech troubleshooter extraordinaire Gov Maharaj and I help walk you through troubleshooting solutions to your tech support problems. If you have a problem you want to send us, you can use the Problem Step Recorder in Windows 7 (see this for details on how) and send us the zip file to We will also be checking comments for problems, but the email address will let us contact you if needed.
    00:20 Eric Meijer and Charles interview Gov Maharaj.
    04:12 All About SSDs - How do you know TRIM is enabled?
    07:00 Is there any benefit to a defrag on an SSD?
    08:42 What's the fastest way to connect a SSD
    09:44 Can I tag text files like I do pictures in Windows 7?
    12:53 Monitor no longer wakes from sleep.
    14:42 Can I mirror my C: drive to another drive as a backup while Windows is running?
    18:32 Will a "low level format" fix a thumbdrive that has bad sectors?
    22:21 Deleted Thumbs.db and Desktop.ini, now having problems.
    27:12 Windows crashes non-responding app too soon, is there a way to make it wait longer?
    30:30 Hacking hardware - our pick of the week is Sugru.


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