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Windows 7 Delete a network... name and all


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Jan 12, 2009
When I set up W7, my first working connection was to my wireless network... Hyperion. That may have been a mistake.

I have 4 Xp machines that on full share that I can't see from the W7 machine because it's decided that both the RJ45 connection and the wireless network are the same. I've tried the process outline in the thread tilted "damn you Microsoft" for changing the workgroup name and permissions, but I'm getting nothin' from any of the XP machines. I can't see them and they can't see me, because as far as the W7 machine is concerned, the only network out there is" Hyperion"

I'd like to delete the network, name and all..... just can't find a way through the networtk and sharing center. Any suggestions?
you may be

looking at the wrong prob. There were several of us that were having our wireless function of the router being knocked out by Win 7. The working theory is that the IP default in Win 7 is IP v6. this seems to screw with some routers as seen here... Link Removed ... This was the thread we had combating the wireless issue. If oyur is associated with shres...its a work in progress...let us know the outcome

*if your issues are associated with shares*
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have you tried going into network and sharing center, on the left go to change advanced sharing settings,

on the first Home section look for an option labelled -
network discovery - on
file and printer sharing - turn it on.
public folder sharing - and select either the first or second option depending if you want read or read/write access to the folder.
password protected sharing - turn off password protected sharing (wont need a password to use)
windows home group - depends on if you use the same login on all machines, could be worth using the second option.
media sharing - reckon this is for xbox media extenders

on the second section labelled Public - repeat as above.

so you should now have a machine that finds other devices on the network, gives read or read/write access to its folders and doesnt require a password for others to access those folders.
Been there, done that. If there is an option I haven't tried in the "Network and Sharing Center", it's well hidden. I've even gone so far as to change the name of the router (DLINK 615) on the network, and it hasn't done a thing for the W7 network name or properties on this machine. I've created a workgroup (called Home) using the computer/properties switch and while the W7 machine says it's there, I still cannot see any of the XP machines, nor my one lonely Vista based laptop.

I have not had any issues with the wireless network being dropped... but that could just be the particular router I'm using.

I've tried a bunch of things.... short of screwing with the whole network in the house by trying the "homegroup" thing.... I'm not ready to configure 4 computers just to see if they'll see the W7 machine....and what's with not being able to create your own password for a network?

Also, the "home" network has no password..... and everything from the Vista laptop to the Linux box can see it and read from the shared folders ok... just not the new OS. Frankly, I'm baffled as to why.
Hi guys
the Windows XP Machines MUST HAVE A PASSWORD even if you are the only user on that machine or you won't be able to see XP from W7. Then run the networking wizard again on the XP machines, disable file and print sharing and then enable it again but on each Disk and printer you want to share.
Ensure also Firewalls allow sharing etc.

For some strange reason XP HOME seems to cause far more problems than XP PRO even with sp2 / sp3 applied. I have 1 XP Home machine in the network that often "Seems to disappear" . The XP PRO, VISTA, LINUX and W7 machines on the network all work fine as well as a W2K3 "Virtual Machine" which I run from the Linux box.

It's a bit of pain but it usually works. Vista / W7 network mix works fine, or XP machines alone but XP with VISTA and W7 sometimes cause problems. I'd tend to have ALL firewalls off while testing - but switch them on again afterwards.
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Okay.....what you're saying is that I have to change the network on every computer within the network except the W7 machine to share files? And what's with the password? Why is that a requirement?

Changing every other computer is not a practical solution for what should have been a simple networking issue..... not to mention that I'm still dealing with W7 having chosen a name for the network that none of the other hardwired computers use....And won't let me change it.

This networking problem is similar to the issue we had in the office last year with a Vista ultimate machine that would not allow itself to see or be seen by any of our XP machines. In that situation, we rolled the Vista machine back to XP, because then it'd network with everything else. And it was the simplest solution.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of secure computers, and I see my share of compromised machines..... I'm just unwilling to spend hours of my time fixing a problem that ain't broke except in the W7 environment. Windows networking has worked well for a lot of years, and if Microsoft wants big business (and all the rest of us) to adopt Windows 7, they've got to make the networking transition seamless from XP because that's what they're all using. And right now it's not.

But it's a Beta, and so far this is and has been my only issue with W7. So if any of you guys have a solution that doesn't require hours of my time reconfiguring my home network, I'd love to try it... and thanks for all the suggestions