Windows 7 Desktop Icons colour


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May 5, 2009
Hey all

I dunno if it's just me or if chaning the actual text colour of your desktop items is unavaliable?

I've tried a few ways around it but currently haven't found a way to change the text colour.

If it isn't in the Windows 7 distribution yet, perhaps a good idea to add?

Anyways, feed back would be nice :)


I was actially looking for the same thing. My icons were barely readable depending on what background I had or Dreamscene running.

I even tried a 3rd party utility and that didn't work either.

Perhaps a good idea then, for the Windows 7 crew to include in the next beta or official release?

It has always been an omission. There is no way, through the Microsoft software, to get some colour into the text.
It will change through one or two shades of white and black, according to your chosen background. (White background - black text..etc..) But, if you google, you will find one or two third party programs which worked with Vista, and can colorise the text.