Windows 7 Desktop icons


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New to the forum, my question is, how to make the desktop icons smaller?

Also, the user account I set up doesn't have a desktop backround. Going through the control panel, I get a message saying "this version doesn't have that feature" or something to that effect. Has anyone else experienced that?

The Administrator account does have a desktop backround but haven't logged on to play with it yet.

Thanks in advance
To make the icons smaller hold down the control key and zoom in or out to make them smaller or larger.
Yeah, you the man.

I didn't know that was possible. Another high 5 for Windows 7. Now with Vista out of the way and XPs user friendly OS. With Windows 7 i think it's time to upgrade for year 2011 if you are already not. Windows 7 is by far the way to go everyone.=D>