Windows 7 Desktop Properties


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Jan 28, 2009
On Win XP, when you right click on My Computer > Properties > Appearance Tab > Advanced, you can change many things such as Message Box, Select and Normal, Icon spacing and size, Text size for Icons, font and font size, bold or not, etc.

:rolleyes: Where on Win 7 can I find these properties so I can change them? I found it yesterday by accident and now I can't remember where.

Am I clear on what I am talking about?


Try this:
Right click on your desktop screen in an empty space.
Personaliz>Window Colour Custom>Advanced appearance settings...
You should know your way from there:razz:

Thank you, Anykey! Much appreciated :D :D. Funny how you can accidently find something, but can't do it accidently again :)


I am just the same as you. :rolleyes:
Find something, tweak it, and forget where I've been, ha ha.
I actually have a paper notebook now and write things down.
If only I could read my writing it would be great :razz:

I am doing the same thing now..writing it down and then can't find it. ha ha ha



how to remove shadows under the windows and text?

Try this:
Right click on My Computer>Properties>Advanced system settings>Advanced tab.
Under Performance, press the settings... button.
You should know your way from there :)