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If you've spent any time on C9 over the years, then you've probably met some of the people from the RiSE team in MSR and are familiar with at least some of the great technologies they've developed. RiSE, which stands for Research in Software Engineering, is a rock star research group with a mission to innovate and push the limits of software engineering in practice (so, it's not just a theory group, though RiSE scientists include some of the world's best practicing theoreticians and super talented developers). Of all the groups in MSR, and there are many incredible ones, RiSE is my favorite. Hats off to Wolfram and team for working so hard to make general purpose programming a more reasonable discipline on many levels.

At PDC10, you learned about some of the projects the RiSE group are working on and, if you attended the event, you got to meet many of the researchers behind the science. In any case, you should watch the C9 Live segment with Erik Meijer and Wolfram Schulte (the leader of the RiSE team) where we learn about several of the RiSE projects. Wolfram spend much of the time showing us the RiSE4Fun website, which invites developers to play around with various advanced software engineering technologies right from the comfortable confines of a modern web browser—no need to install anything, no plug-ins, no security prompts —> just learn, write code in the browser, and watch the magic happen. Make no mistake, RiSE4Fun is for developers. So, my engineering friends, RiSE up and have some fun learning about the future—now.

Upcoming RiSE related content on C9 includes:

  • E2E with Erik Meijer and the scientists behind Concurrent Revisions
  • Going Deep with Bart De Smet covering LINQ to Z3
  • C9 Lecture on Algorithms and Computational Complexity by Yuri Gurevich (Part 2 - See Part 1 here)
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