Windows 10 Digital certificate removed but still active


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Dec 2, 2021
Hi ladies and gents, I am new here and currently struggling with a digital certificate that I had installed and later removed. It allows to login to a website without entering any login information. I removed it because I no longer want access to that website yet whenever i got to the website it allows me to login automatically because the removed digital certificate kicks in.

Any suggestions are much appreciated.
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Have you tried searching for it in certmanager? Action > Find certificates

certificates can also latch onto the browser you’re using.

to find certificates if you’re using chrome like me :) the 3 dots>more tools>dev tools>3dots>Moretools>Security

from there you can get the certificate path.

There are probably versions for other browsers that i don’t know of, but they can help you track the certificate path from that.
Alternatively the certificate could be getting autoenrolled, is this a domain system?
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