Windows 7 'Dirty' SD Card


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Windows 7 refuses to let me save/delete etc files on my Android tablet's SD card, claiming the file system is 'dirty'.

The last time this happened I followed the prompts to correct it and ended up with a bricked SD card which was unuseable/unformatable and had to be discarded.

The card is perfectly happy on Android but I can do nothing with it when mounted on a Win 7 PC.

Is there any alternative apart from copying the card's contents elsewhere, reformating it and re-instating the files to the card. Will the card then reuse to work on the Android system ?




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This often happens when removable media is not properly ejected. That can cause the dirty bit to be set on the media or the file system to become corrupt. Windows performs lazy writing which means all the data may not be completely written even after the copy dialog has closed. To that you should always right click the media and select 'eject' to ensure data writes have completed.

I would try repairing the file system.
  • Run chkdsk. (Example: Media is mounted on E: chkdsk E: /R)


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Thanks !

I'll try that, but I think that's the solution which bricked the last card I tried it with. So I'll back up the contents of the card to an HDD before trying that trick.

I'll report back.

Thanks again