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Nov 17, 2008
Anyone know how to display subtitles on a DivX movie on Windows 7 Media Center? Ffdshow or vobsub does nothing. It seems like 7MC handles that format with internal encoders. How to get around this? Anyone?
The only thing you can do is to use BSPlayer, until a new release of ffdshow, which can work with Windows 7. Or maybe WMP can be forced to use external codecs. Look around in the settings menu.
Ok, so:

Media Player Classic in the current CCCP Codec pack plays my mkv's brilliantly with picture without subtitles
BS Player in it's own pack + codecs plays my mkv's brilliantly without picture with subtitles.

BS Player then notes that I'm missing the Haali Media Splitter and FFD Show, even after it downloaded them for me.

Both players + codecs are tried out WITHOUT the other being installed (to avoid them interfering with eachother) and I'm on a clean 7 install.

I don´t understand why BS Player won´t work. It baffles me.
MPC is easy, FFD Show doesn´t work.

Anyone else found a way to watch mkv Anime?

EDIT: Got it running.

In Media Player Classic, goto: View -> Options -> Playback and check the "Auto load subtitles" box.

If this doesn't work:
1. View | Options
2. Go to External Filters
3. Hit Add Filter...
4. Choose DirectVobSub (auto-loading version)
5. Where it says Prefer/Block/Set merit:, select Prefer

More problems and solutions to subtitle trouble, codecs etc etc outlined here:

Figured I may aswell state how I fixed it to help others out that have the same problem.
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I had the same issues. I used WMP 12 works but no subs same issue with WMP Classic too. I install VLC but I hated that the subs would disappear when I paused the video and I don't know why it does that or how to correct it.

I ended up using Zoom player which works pretty good in Win7.

Thanks for posting the fix too. I'll end up doing that soon.
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