Windows 7 DLC News for L4D2


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Looks like us L4D fans will have something to look forward to in April:

Will also contain three campaigns from L4D
Another DLC package has been announced for Left 4 Dead 2 that apparently will arrive in April. The new content will feature a first, which is a user-created campaign that is called “Cold Stream” created by Matthew Lourdelet. Sources are confirming to us that “Cold Stream” is still in development, but should start community testing in the next couple of weeks.

As for what else will be part of this DLC pack, three campaigns from Left for Dead 1 will be included as a bonus. Death Toll, Dead Air, and Blood Harvest are the campaigns to be included as part of the DLC pack. It is unclear if that is all that will be included in this DLC package, but as we speed closer to April more details are certain to be released.

As for which platforms will get the DLC content, no one will be left out, as the content will be coming to the PC, Mac, and Xbox 360. While still unconfirmed, it is expected that the DLC pack will be free for PC and Mac owners, but will likely cost 560 Microsoft Points when it arrives.


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