Do You Think My PSU...

so dropping to 11.5 is normal on a 12v rail? i mean i been havin a lot of stability issues lately after around an hour of gaming my pc just locks up and refuses to do anything i tried dropping overclocks, renewing TIM and reseating hsf but i getting the same thing i even turned up my fans and made them whine in an annoying tone lol and nothing seems to work and i dont think its my motherboard because its not that old. can you think of anything that could be causing the problems. btw i had this issue before i upgraded to vista so i know its not that .
can anyone help this is becoming really annoying im dropping as low as 11.4v now on the 12v rail. i have it spread out and i wouldnt mind but my gfx card runs off a seperate 250w psu with only 2 12v rails.
11,4 Is pretty low.
11.57 low-ish, but it's within normal flux.
If you're hitting 11.4, you should invest in a new PSU.

Oh, and as for lockups, it's probably not due to the PSU, but instead to all the shit you're running in the background.
Would be good if you could use a volt meter to check, because my mobo reported 11.86V, but a volt meter registered around 12.01. Though if it is getting below 11.5, then it's low. My Toughpower seems pretty good, though i am having some issues (but I had them before when I had a rosewill RP500, so it could be that i damaged my CPU by overclocking...)
Most PCs register around 11.75v on the 12V lines.
Maybe your sensor is shite.
Try a volt meter.
i rigged it to a molex for 3 hours and it drops to 11.74v while running 3dmark06 on loop.and ive been looking around the cpu area and one of the legs on my hsf had snapped i had to replace it with one from an intel hsf so even though my temps were reading below 60 one corner was fryin. my temps are down to 42 now. thanks for the help guys