Downed EPA Radiation site caused stir amid Fukushima monster cover-up

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    The day after the Chernobyl nuclear crisis anniversary, amid what scientists call a monster government and industry cover-up of Fukushima's "off the scale" radiation impact on people in North America and beyond, when EPA's RadNet Air Monitoring website page went down Tuesday, progressive websites reported it as news. According to the government agency, its site provides information through maps and graphs indicating radiation data from its "continuous" monitoring of each state's air and "regular' monitoring of each state's water, milk and precipitation.
    The black-out during the cover-up prompted progressive websites such as to list as news that the interactive map on EPA's Radnet Monitoring website was malfunctioning. Instead of users of the map clicking on their respective states and seeing the radiation levels according to the EPA, they were directed to the site that read:
    This RadNet monitoring is either updating or experiencing technical difficulties. We are aware of this error, and will post the most updated and accurate information as soon as possible."
    The incident was noted mainly among progressives due to their awareness about the continuing cover-up of radiation now falling on the United States, with no word of warning by the American president nor the Japanese Prime Minister. On the contrary, recently, Prime Minister Naoto Kan of Japan stated about the same time Fukushima was reclassified a level 7 accident, same as Chernobyl:
    “From now on, people…should live life as normal,” and should “consume products from the areas that have been affected” to “support the area.”
    To the PM Kan's statements, Michael Carlen of Presstorm in his article, "The Great Fukushima Cover-up." asked, "Who does he think he's kidding?
    In a word, "Sheeple, as illustrator David Dees answered with his most recent artwork (exhibited on this page).
    Knowing about a cover-up makes independent journalism more challenging. Editors tip-toe through independent research reports, knowing most most people still depend on seeing the names "Post," "Times" and "AP" to be cited for a news report to be "credible." Omission, however, does not count as truth nor should it count as "credible." Knowingly reporting untruths is never good.

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