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Windows 8 DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE (Fresh Windows 8 Pro on SSD)


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Dec 29, 2012
Hey guys, first post, this forum looks great!

Anyways, so I installed Windows 8 Pro on my OCZ Vertex 4 the other day, and a few times when restarting the pc its just stood on the 'Restarting' screen for 5-10 minutes untill it finally would restart. Upon restart the large grey box saying there was error would come up with the dump directory locations. This seemed to have happened once or twice too when attempting to put the computer to sleep.. could anyone have a look and give me a solution?

Here's a screen shot along with a download to the .dmp:

Link Removed

Link Removed

Edit: Heres the results from the 'W7F Diagnostic Tool' & 'RAMMON' stickied in this sub forum:

Link Removed


Link Removed

PC Specs:

Link Removed


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I'm in a rush and so can't go through all your dmps and files etc but one thing struck me, is your SSD firmware updated?

If not check out the downloads here:

OCZ Technology

I'll be back later which then I can go through your post properly. (unless another member of our team helps you out first)

Thanks the the reply!
I just ran the Utility and it says that the SSD is already on the latest firmware.

please update your SATA driver to the latest version found here (bottom of the list)

Link Removed

Also update your Audio drivers too:

Link Removed
Thanks for the reply, do i need the, '...WHQL.zip' or the 'WHQL_eSATA.zip' file?

Edit: Never mind just updated the audio driver and the jmicron driver. I'll see if its done anything to help the problem
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Nope its still doing it. If i restart shortly after boot its fine, but if i wait a little while it happens without doubt. I have also tried disabling superfetch and search indexing service with no luck. Any more suggestions?
I checked through your dmp file a little more thoroughly and I think it's your keyboard driver for a Razer Lycosa/Tarantula?

Please update your current driver: Lycosa.sys Wed Sep 30 05:45:50 2009

Razer? - For Gamers. By Gamers.
Thats strange, just checked my device manager and you're right it says 2009, but i downloaded the latest driver from the Razor website for my Lycosa the day i got it aka 25th
I notice on the Razer site that a new driver will become available in December for that keyboard (so hopefully soon). Is it possible for you to un-install the driver and try a different keyboard simply for testing purposes?