Dual Monitors

Greetings! I have a Dell Latitude D810 with a newly installed Windows 7 Professional. Prior to my install, I was using UltraMon with my dual monitor setup (with a profile for home and a profile for work).

After the install, everything went very smoothly getting my dual monitor setup back to how it was at home. However, at work, I'm struggling.

Optimally, at both home and work, my second monitor is an extension of my original. At home, this works just fine. At work, the secondary monitor insists on becoming the primary monitor and mirroring the entire 4:3 screen on my 16:8 widescreen laptop.

I've played with the UltraMon settings and made a profile that gets me what I want, but when I apply it, the same problem occurs.

Anyone have an idea of what I might be able to do to fix this?

My "display adapter" is ATI Mobility Radeon x600

Thank you!

After what seemed to be an endless struggle - I got it. I don't even know how! I more or less kept doing the same thing I had previously been doing. I'm sorry for wasting forum space! Problem somehow solved.

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