Windows 7 DVD RW not working, but shown in My Computer


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May 12, 2009
i have a LG GSA H20N ATA DVD RW. im using windows 7 RC. and it worked fine for some time after installing the x64 OS, but suddenly from now the CD/DVD is not being read. Whenever i put a CD/DVD into the drive, the light blinks for sometime and goes blank. When i double click the drive in Comptuter, it says insert disk into the drive and opens the tray. The drive is being detected in the BIOS.

Anyone with solutions?


PS: Tried the Driver Fix, its perfect. deleted the UpperFilter and restarted, but my drive was already shown and detected and worked for the last one week. USING BUILD 7100 RC.
So does this mean you got it working? Driver Fix?

I use a Lg H20L and having problems with it. Detects in Bios and Xp Pro fine.
Also using the RC x64.
I don't mean to brush you off, but this is a rather common problem.

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