NEWS Ebola cases require rare dual air ambulance rescues


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There has been an apparent first in the fight against Ebola this week.
According to flight records, the private jet company contracted by the State Department to transport Ebola patients flew two air ambulances to West Africa on the same day.
Until Wednesday, Phoenix Air had flown only one Ebola-fighting mission at a time. A second Gulfstream jet featuring the ability to treat infectious patients in flight had been held back in case of an emergency with the first aircraft. But last month, the Georgia-based operation finished customizing a third jet to handle the specialized medical equipment.
The increased rescue capacity comes just in time. On Thursday, the Red Cross warned of a possible rise in the rate of Ebola infections in West Africa as people travel across the region during the holidays.
One of this week’s flights brought an American nurse to the Washington area. On Thursday, the National Institutes of Health announced that an unidentified relief worker who was exposed to the Ebola virus while volunteering in Sierra Leone was being admitted.

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