NEWS Ebola serum supply reaches Liberia

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    Liberia has begun treating Ebola patients with serum therapy - a treatment made from the blood of recovered survivors.
    Doctors hope the experimental treatment could help combat the virus that has been sweeping West Africa and killing thousands of people.
    Up to 13 December, 6,841 people had been reported as having died from the disease.
    The total number of reported cases is more than 18,000.
    If a person has successfully fought off the infection, it means their body has learned how to combat the virus and they will have antibodies in their blood that can attack Ebola.
    Doctors can then take a sample of their blood and turn it into serum - by removing the red blood cells but keeping the important antibodies - which can be used to treat other patients.
    Ebola patients treated in the UK and the US have already received this type of treatment. :up:

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