Windows 7 Echo requests cant get rid...

Hi all,
here i am again and this time i need some "anti-hacker" solution,ive been a hacker victim since 2007,so ive been attacked frequently by those and even if i implemented those regs hacks to avoind syn attack and other it keeps getting echo request,ive already removed prints driver and windows networking clients and still gets lots of echo requests...
any clue how to get rid of it permanently????
it just makes me mad and im always paranoia bout it,i feel like cant read emails anymore with privacy etc etc...
thx in advance and will be looking forward for the reply
Romulo Romero
Lol no replies Oo
heyall here i come again and with good news for anyone who might have the same security issues as i was having till yesterday, i solved the problem removing all SMB linkage in the registry with ipv6 etc,and also setting the values to "0" the ones which says Start or published, also removed the NETBT provider Value from SMB more echo requests and no more 445 port which i had already removed by uninstalling MS network clients and printers and blocked every possible icmp echo types and codes for redirecting and also changing in the registry more precisely currentversion/services/TCPIP entry all redirections and limited the number of icmp routes but my USB modem somehow installed silently that port or wutever but when i wasnt connected ,by typing netstat -a it wouldnt show the 445 as openned however when i connected to the network that freaking door would all problems solved ..hope this helps some1 and if any1 needs any further info about registry entries and more detailed just lemme know ...
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