VIDEO Eek! Video of Rat Crawling on Man's Face Goes Viral

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    Eek! Video of Rat Crawling on Man's Face Goes Viral [VIDEO]

    A subway rat scampering across the floor, dashing up your leg and dashing away could be any urban commuter's nightmare -- and video of just that is now a YouTube sensation.

    In the clip posted Wednesday, a fast-thinking straphanger seems to capture a rodent's mad dash on a New York City subway car. The creepy creature bolts up a sleepy man's body and wakes him -- scuttling across his face before dashing away in a moment of mayhem.

    We can't verify when the event took place or explain how the rat got on the Brooklyn-bound subway car. AOL Weird News contacted "Eckzavier" -- the YouTube user who posted this clip -- but this person has not responded.

    All we can say for sure is that this video, already mentioned in The Wall Street Journal and on MSNBC and the "Today" show, has been played more than 400,000 time as of this morning, and it makes everyone's skin crawl.

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