Eject only works with CD not DVD


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This is a strange problem I have on one of the XP systems at work. I'm sure changing the whole drive would solve it but I'm curious if someone knows why this is:

When a CD is inserted in the tray, going to My Computer and RIGHT clicking in the DVD\CD drive and clicking Eject, doesn't eject the disk. But when a DVD is inserted, it does. (p.s. No other problems with the drive, even with a CD. It reads it, burns it etc..)

Furthermore, when a CD is inserted and the "Eject" doesn't work, the way I can open it (without the pins in holes) is to open Nero, drag something into it, click BURN and cancel immediately. Nero will open the tray.

Furthermore, when a CD is inserted, no other methods besides Nero will open the tray. I tried scripts, actions (autohotkey, Winautomation) and C++ apps that I wrote.

I checked all services and running processes to see if something hooks the tray on "Close" while a CD is loaded but could find nothing.

Hmmmmmm... any ideas what it could be?

In the device manager, disable, wait for the refresh, and then re-enable the dvd drive. You may need to update the drivers for the primary and secondary IDE controllers. If your bios is old version, updating it would be a plus.


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No need to update. I just uninstalled it, let windows find the device again and walla! It works! Thanks.

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