Windows 7 Ejecting USB drives


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Am running build 7077 and when I plug in a removable drive it gets recognised fine. Problem is when one tries to "eject" the drive it will claim that it can't because "some program" is still using it.

When MS checks for whether the EJECT can happen it obviously must know "what program" is using it and could inform the user. I shut down Kaspersky, Skype and everything else and still can't eject.

All one does its plug in a device and then try and eject and "no go". I have UAC disabled or on "don't bother" me setting ... could this affect it... I am sure in earlier builds of Win7 I was ejecting devices sensibly.

Any ideas appreciated???
UPDATE 29/4/09

May have solved the problem... browsed some Vista forums and found there is a "policy" option one can use for USB drives. Go to Device manager, Click on Disk Drives and then click on your USB drive and select "Optimise for Quick Removal". This apparently disc caching for the drive and so can be just plugged in and out. Apparently this is the DEFAULT option as well.
I usually just pull them out anyway.. I know this could harm the data but oh well.. I don't keep anything that I absolutely can't loose on them in the first place as I just don't trust them that much.. Except for my Asus 64GB one.. ;) I keep that one in mint condition and I definitely make sure I eject it properly.. :)