Windows 7 Energizer Bunny's Software Infects PC's With Trojan


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March 7, 2010

USB Battery Recharger Status Software contains Trojan, says US-CERT ( United States Emergency Readiness Team)

Back door Malware software that accompanies the Energizer DUO USB Battery Charger contains Trojan Horse that gives hackers total access to a Windows PC.

The Energizer DUO is a USB powered nickel metal hydride battery recharger that has been discontinued, said Energizer Holdings, which late Friday confirmed that the software contains malicious code. Both the US-CERT and Energizer are trying to find out exactly how the malicious code was inserted into the software.

(Energizers DUO was sold in the United States, Latin America, Europe and Asia starting in 2007)

Windows Software included with the charger is designed to show battery charging status. The software is installed, then it creates a file, "ARUCER. DLL". Which is actually a "Trojan" that listens for commands on TCP Port 7777. Upon instructions, the Trojan can download and execute files, transmit files stolen from the PC, or tweak the Windows Registry. The Trojan automatically executes every time the PC is turned on and remains active even if the "Energizer" is not connected to the machine.

US-CERT urged users of the Energizer Software to un-install it or remove the "ARUCER.DLL" from the Windows System directory and reboot the machine.

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