Error 0x80300024


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Jan 28, 2020
I would like to install on disk 1. Disk 1 is emtpy, disk 0 has 3TB ExFat partition, disk 3 is the Windows installer. If I try to install Windows, it has error 0x80300024. BIOS boot order has Disk 1 on top. I have rebuilt the partition table of both disks. If I have disk 0 be empty, the it installs the 50MB System partition there, but I want that on disk 1 only. I want to solve this error without physically disconnecting disk 0. If I format Disk 0 as MBR, 2TB ExFat partition, still this error happens.
Windows 10 x64
Legacy BIOS
Disk 0 HDD SATA-3TB, 2TB-ExFat
Disk 1 NVMe 256GB MBR
What is the cause of this error?
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