Windows Vista Excellent Guide for Vista !


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Hey all,

Just wanted to share this really well done guide for Windows Vista! It's 99 different tweaks/tips to get the best possible performance out of Vista. Alot of them are really solid tweaks that are done within Vista itself. No extra apps needed. And they do work, I went from having %38-%40 of my ram in use after startup to only %25 in use after applying a few of these tweaks. And overall things are much snappier and run perfect. Here's the link:

Beginners Guides: 99 Windows Vista Performance Tips and Tweaks -

It is a "beginner's" guide but some of these tips/tweaks I never would have thought of and I've been using computers since I took my first step!! :)

I could move it there although this area is titled "Operating Systems" so I don't see the harm in posting it where it is but I will post another reference to it in the Vista Forums as well.