explorer.exe using 98 of CPU

i am using win7 ultimate (32-bit) with core i-3

well the problem is that i have downloaded some videos form youtube and other video hosting site and now when i open the folder of these "explorer.exe" certainly start using 96-99 of CPU and almost hang all the other programs. I also tried to del. the whole folder and files separately, but than it start discovering the files and hang.

thank you

no reply !!! :eek:

Hey there.

You can disable the thumbnails either permanently or temporarily and the freezing will not happen:

Disable Thumbnail Previews in Windows 7 or Vista Explorer - How-To Geek

Other than that, you can use the command prompt to delete the folder. Use like this:

del AddressHere

A real world example for demonstration purposes would be:

del C:\Videos\Downloads

TorrtnG thanx for ur concern
but i can't figure out the actual problem. i tried to delete the folder from command prompt. It delete all the files except two files and i think those are creating problem. This happens with some other folders also.

You can boot to safe mode and use the command prompt to delete the folder successfully, most likely.

Poorly encoded video files cause this issue. It's the video files' fault, correct.

Joe S

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What antivirus are you using? I had trouble with AVG in past on certain file types.

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