Windows 7 Export (and import) Win7 firewall rules?


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Assume I want to backup (for later restore or for import on another Win 7 computer) all the current Win 7 firewall rules.

How do I do this?

Where are they stored?

In Registry or in a file?



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googling the following filter brings up many hits:
"windows firewall policy … import, export, restore to default, backup"

type "windows firewall" in your pc's start-search (taskbar) … choosing this opens up the interface for "windows firewall with advanced security".

or … if you just want command-line specific to exporting/importing:
netsh advfirewall export "C:\temp\WFconfiguration.wfw"
netsh advfirewall import "C:\temp\WFconfiguration.wfw"

as for typing in "mmc" into command-line … this offers only "microsoft-management-console". it might still be accessible … perhaps my win-10 parent directory interferes.

also … you might need account with administrator privileges to perform some of the above functions.

one last thing … some people (myself included) tend to get in way over their heads … so you might consider creating windows restore-point beforehand.


i wish to add this pertinent info specific to the "backing up" process … it's much more intense, pertains only to certain criteria (should be used only for restoring the configuration to the same installation on the same machine) … so make sure you digest it all:

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