Windows 7 Exteel us (usteel) always "dc!"

anyone can help me? especially admins, members? anyone? PLEASE. T_T


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Welcome. It doesn't look like the game supports Windows 7. However, there is no need to revert over this problem. There are a few things you can try. Have you considered trying to run the game in "Compatibility Mode"? Right-click on the icon that launches the game and go to the Compatibility tab. There you can try to have the system emulate itself as Windows XP, Windows Vista, and so on, when launching this game. This is an old trick that sometimes works.

Are you also aware of XP mode in Windows 7? Virtual PC is a free virtualization suite that provides you the ability to run "XP Mode" inside Windows 7 Ultimate. This was designed so that people would genuinely have little to no reason not to move on from XP. Windows Virtual PC: Home Page

hehe, tnx alot mike. im not aware of it. in just a newbie in windows 7 ^_^ i will try this one. hehehe i hope it will run. :D

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