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I posted for some help with adding a wireless access point connection to my wired network. I got no takers and thats ok, I figured it out myself with some research from HP and Cisco aka Linksys. I have successfully added my wireless router to my wired network. I had to set it up as cascading units as not to make two separate networks. You will lose a couple of wired ports this way but the goal here is wireless access. You have to unplug LAN connection a computer 2 and hook router up to it and log in to routers home page and change IP address to xxx.xxx.x.2, then save. Then go through all other router settings you want to change. Here is the key, you have to connect the LAN cable coming from first router to one of the 4 LAN ports and then connect computer to one of the 3 remaining LAN ports. Do not connect to wan port or you will have all kinds of problems. There are more steps involved but this is just a basic run down of what I did. Now your connected back to the network and cruising the net, if you file share that's not effected and good to go there. Most importantly your have a wireless connection setup for in my case the wife's laptop that she will be soon getting. If any body wants any detailed information on how this was accomplished I will be glad to send out or post. Soon the wife will have her new laptop and can connect wirelessly from the comfort of the couch and there will be peace and harmony in my household. LOL.


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Home Networking Guide - Set up a Home Network And what you are referring to is known as a "Hybrid Network" Wireless / Networking - By Category (There are some diagrams on a "Hybrid Network" in these tutorials, but they have to be accessed within the tutorial listed under "Hybrid Network")

Celestra, thanks so much for the info....I wish I had it before I went solo on my little project. I will diffently keep this site handy. The diagrams were what I was looking for. Most everything I researched was type and a few diagrams that really weren't that helpful. Thanks again....

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