External Powered USB drive not connecting correctly


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Firstly like to say Hi to everyone and thanks for the support forum has been helpful in the past already.

Basically I have the windows 7 beta installed on a samsung netbook NC10 and must admit considering it is not a powerhorse machine I am impressed at how windows 7 is actually running.

The only problem I have encountered so far is I multiple external drives in Icybox powered enclosures.

I noticed for the second time (the first drive got cleaned up and re-formated) that if you plug in one of the drives it detects iit is there, The safely remove option shows up the USB Combo parent and the incorrectly labeled drive as Local Disk(E:). The drive is actually labled Disk1.5Tb1. Clicking on E: in My Computer pretty much does nothing.

About the only thing I can do is run chkdsk e: in a command prompt which takes ages to even start running and confirms no errors.

Looking at the Drive in Disk Management it also takes ages to open correctly and when done sees the drive E: but with a Raw File system. The drive in question is NTFS confirmed by Windows XP and my ubuntu installations which see the drive perfectly correctly.


I am having the same problem. Think I will try and do a clean install.

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