'Females are failed males,' says 16th century guide book on women

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    A guide written in 1505 has been found and it contains 'secrets' about females that take political incorrectness to extremes.

    Perhaps the worst of the advice is that ‘females are failed males’. The book, De Secretis Mulerium (On The Secrets Of Women), also suggests men wanting to check if a woman is a virgin should ask her to sniff a lettuce. If she then wants to go to the loo she is ‘corrupted’.

    Other revelations include women being able to kill animals with a glance during their time of the month and odd food cravings in pregnancy being down to ‘evil humours’.

    Husbands who want a male child are told to give their wives wine that contains the pulverised womb and intestines of a hare. Once pregnant, the female will have a girl if her left breast is bigger than her right, and a boy if it’s the right.

    The book was found in the archives of the Royal Society of Chemistry in central London.

    It is thought to have been written by Albertus Magnus, a theologian and ‘scientist’, and to have been given to a priest to help him understand women.

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