File history on server?


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I have some network shares connected to my client from my server and I want to use File History on my server but I know that's not possible and that's a same it should bee great to run on it.
(I'm running Windows Server 2016)

What I understand is that then I should use Shadow Copy but that's not the same thing or is it?
The trouble that I'm running in too is that shadow copy are saving the copy on the same volume as the one that I'm doing a copy of, what I want to do is to have that copy on my backup disk on the server to save space from the other ones - is that possible?


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File History and Shadow Copies are not the same thing. I would recommend setting up shadow copies of your shared directories. This is what gives you the 'Previous Version' option when you right click a directory

Shadow Copies of Shared Folders

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Ok, I have windows server backup that makes backups every 3h of the hole system.
(Only the files that have been change is backed up)

And I have the hole share on one volume so that's good, then I can just activate it to run every hour on only that volume.
And store the shadow backups on my backup drive.

Regarding file history, I did notice that it only did worked on server 2008.

But I have activated it on my clients now to run every 30min.

So now I have some good backup solutions, I can't afford to lose any files.