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Windows 7 Fixed - Print Error 2114 - Printer spooler failed - Cannot connect to Printer network


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Mar 22, 2009
I have been battling this network printer issue since 7000 became available. This may work with other brands of printers as well.

I am currently running 7022. I have an HP LaserJet 1018 connected locally via USB. Printing locally worked fine. The problem was trying to get remote machines printing to it over the network. After many attempts, trial and error, this is what finally worked.

I have two workstations running Windows 7022. Both were configured as "Work" networks, both in "Workgroup" workgroup. The important thing here is to disconnect your printers before you begin the Windows 7 installation. Once complete, Install the printer using your original printer installation CD that came with the printer. In my case it was the HP installation disk. Run this as adminstrator in Vista Compatability mode.

HP's installation requires you to leave the printer unplugged until it asks to plug it in. This was a bit buggy for me as I plugged in the printer (USB) when it asked but it just sat there scanning for new device. I clicked cancel and the drivers actually installed at this point continuing with the installation, odd. Once complete, I printed a test page OK

Next I disabled Windows Firewall (Private) completely. Ya I know but it was the only way I could get printing to work over the network. I would guess an exception can be made but not real good with windows firewall exceptions

Next I enabled the following: Network Discovery and File and Print Sharing under private network. (These options are located under Network and Sharing then in the left pane click "Change advanced sharing settings)
Next I created a folder called c:\new folder and then shared this giving full control to "Everyone"
Next I shared the printer making sure "Everyone" had "Print" access. (permissions button)

Reboot Workstation

Once I rebooted I checked the event logs and received this error:
"The print spooler failed to share printer HP Laserjet 1018 series with shared resource name HP Deskjet F4100 series. Error 2114. The printer cannot be used by others on the network."
I have not found a solution for this error but was still able to print. Read on.

Moving to the remote Windows 7 workstation now, I made sure network discovery was enabled. I then doubled click network icon on the desktop (you can add this to your desktop by right clicking anywhere on your desktop and choosing "Personalize". Once opened, in the left pane click "change desktop icons" and then tick the Network box and click ok. It should now be on your desktop)

You should now see the primary Windows 7 workstation (printer workstation) listed. Double click to open it. You should now see your shares, the folder that you shared called new folder and then your printer. Right click on New Folder and select map a network drive. Tick both check boxes (Reconnect at logon" and "Connect using different credentials"), click finish. Now click " use another account" and enter username and password from primary workstation (printer workstation) that you normally login with.
Tick the "Remember my credentials" checkbox. click Ok. It should open and you should see the contents of this shared folder which is empty.

Now open Network (icon) again from your desktop and you see the New Folder and and Shared Printer again. Double click to open the Printer. It should now say connecting to printer, taking some time to install the printer driver from the other computer. At this point it should then open the print queue that is empty. Your printer is now added in your Hardware devices and set to default printer. Open your hardware devices right click on printer, choose printer properties and print test page. It should now print. :D

During all of my previous installs I left the printer connected during Windows 7 installation which windows found and installed. I suspect a driver issue with the windows driver for the hp printer. It is possible you can download the driver from the printers website but I did not have much luck with just the DRIVER download. I needed the setup wizard which asked me to plug in the printer at a certain point.

One other tip to try if you still have problems. On the remote workstation, click to add a new printer and make it local even though it is not connected. When asked which type of printer (list) select Have Disk and then point to the driver files from your installation cd (or if you downloaded them, make them available on the remote printer and point to this location) Finish the printer setup, then open Hardware Devices and delete the printer. Although you deleted the printer the drivers are still installed. Try the above steps again to print

Well, if you are having similar printing issues over your network, give this a try and hopefully it will work for you as well.

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