Freezing After startup

Hi Folks, my first post, just wish it wasnt in here of all places.

I've just installed windows 7 ultimate 32 bit onto my system, I tried the beta and the same thing happened to me with that, I get a smooth install, nothing major, im installing it over XP by the way.

Once Windows has done all its setting up on a new computer thing, I can see my desktop, see the recycle bin in the top left of the screen, everything else that should be there, but as soon as i try to click on anything, it freezes and does nothing, I can still move the mouse around, i've tried Ctrl+Alt+Del, this just takes me to a black screen.

I then have to restart the pc by pressingg the reset button on my machine, when i tried to boot up into safe mode with networking, the same thing happened.

I've read things about having dual monitors, so i've done what they said and removed the 2nd monitor for now and swapped the original display.

im on my PS3's Web browser at the moment. Good job that's still working :D


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It did not even work in safe mode try to do a startup repair to make sure no files are missing

hit F8 at the boot screen go to system recovery there should be and option for startup repair more info can be found here it is written for vista but it is exactly the same for 7
Startup Repair: frequently asked questions

thanks for the quick reply krytpo, have found out something interesting, when i went onto the repair thing, it turns out i still have the old beta version in my boot menu, despite removing it and going back to XP.

also, when i done the system repair thing, it said that my current version was installed on my D: partition, despite asking it to install ontp the C:, could this be casuing any problems.

and that link you gave me wont work on my PS3 for some reason.

Technology Fail :D


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how many hardrives to you have just one right if you have 2 it could be a bios issue

try and reinstall it agian there just could off been a hitch in the installation make sure you format the partition do a full format not a quick format


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before you install it only plug in one monitor and remove your graphics card and run the video off the motherboard then when you get the operating system up and running without a hitch reinstall your graphics then set up dual monitors i think it is a video card issue with the 2 monitors

i've got it installed again on a fresh partition, I have 2 Hard Drives with 5 partitions on them, maybe a bit excessive but i like to keep things organised :)

I've got it to start up and when it gets past the "setting up your desktop" it does nothing for a while then it goes into a black screen, i've left it now to see if it does anything, i've been waiting about 10 minutes now though.

just as i typed this it came back on saying it was installing updates...

it seems very slow tbh, i'll see how it goes now, i may have to resort to using the onboard graphics as you suggested.

thanks again


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:eek: 10 partitions 5 on each how big are your hard-drives just wondering

lol, partitions in total, not huge partitions, just organised ones :D

still having no joy with this at all. Also didn't realise that i don't have onboard graphics either :(

Looks like i may be going back to XP if i can't get this working, dam it.

thanks for he help guys, I know XP is on its last legs, but at least those legs are in working order... well for me anyway :D

The first time i installed it, i run the windows 7 disk from XP, installed it from there and that never worked.

So second option i booted up with the disk in the drive and went through he instalation process that way, that never worked either.

So i went back into the boot up option and formated the system partition, tried doing it thta way and it never worked again, i've since tried again using the boot option and put an admin password on, it now starts up, gets to the password question box and goes about as fast as a turtle with 2 legs.

XP is lurking in the background :p

abandoned all hope of getting this installed, triedall that i know about installing operating systems, which isn't alot.

Going back to XP, Long Live XP :D

Started my computer, got the "Please Wait" screen up after about 5 minutes of blackness. Then that took about 5 minutes to get onto the logon screen, typed my password... 5 minutes later it still hadn't appeared in the box, tried again... still nothing.

removed hair from nails and put the XP disk back into drive :p

Will try again when i have more time or have no hair left to pull out.

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