Fresh Install of Windows 7 won't take


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Upon trying to do a fresh install, it goes down the list until it reaches "completing installation" and cancels with the message:

"Setup cannot continue due to a corrupted installation file. Contact the vedor of your Windows intallation disc or your system administrator for assistance."

The installation DVD I have burned has worked for another PC, but fails with my HP Pavilion dv1000 laptop - used to be XP. Any suggestions?

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Did you burn at the slowest speed? Maybe use a different brand disk. Some drives are picky when reading the disk.


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It reads the DVD fine, it just cancels the installation after it installs windows, features, and then under "completing installation" it craps out and says the installation is corrupt. It's as if it writes to the hard drive, but then it becomes corrupt. Could bad sectors cause this?


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You need to reburn your windows disc at a slower speed

i burnt mine at 4x using Nero 7 and it works perfectly
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Yea I had the same exact error when updating some client's PCs to windows 7, in that example I had to avoid the DVD drive entirely and use a bootable USB pendrive installer instead.


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Hi, did you ever get Windows 7 installed? If you did...what sound card driver did you install? I can get the sound card installed, but there is no sound! So frustrating, l get sound if l plug headphones in....but isnt ideal.
The speakers are fine, had no issues on XP, might end up going back to XP