fukushima: world's dirtiest hydrogen explosion

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    No one likes an alarmist without cause, however, in this case, there appears to be ample cause for alarm.

    Study the close up views of the #3 reactor explosion and you will see that the blast was not the type of blast one would expect from a hydrogen explosion. The fireball seen in the corner of the plant may have been due to hydrogen but it was much too small to cause the main blast. Not only that, inspection reveals that this was a directional blast. Much as if a cannon had been fired straight up from inside the reactor building.

    YouTube - fukushima: world's dirtiest hydrogen explosion

    This is what one would expect if the reactor dome exploded with enough force to take out the removable concrete pads covering it.

    Injecting sea water into the molten core causes an immediate explosion of steam. If the temperature of the reactor vessel had reached critical temperature, it would not have had the integrity required to withstand this dramatic increase in pressure.

    If my assessment is correct, the dark colored cloud we witnessed, that was shot approximately 1,000 feet into the air, contained the remains of the MOX core and made this accident worse than Chernobyl.

    I also suspect that the #1 and #2 reactor vessels have lost their integrity due to the same process.

    The so called experts that have been downplaying the seriousness of this accident have an agenda other than disseminating the truth.
    Fission Products in Seattle Reveal Clues about Japan Nuclear DisasterĀ  - Technology Review
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