Fuzzy graphics but only in web browsers

So, my electricity fluctuated today, causing my computer to do a semi-boot. Power on, nothing happening, sort of thing. I hard booted it, loaded Windows as normal, logged in, and everything was peachy...until I opened my web browser. I use Firefox, latest version 13.0.1. This is what it looks like:

View image: browser

Internet Explorer looks the same. My desktop, games, etc all are fine and readable, it was only the web browsers that were affected. I've already gone into ClearType in Windows 7 and tried to fix it that way. Didn't work. If I turn it off, it's reaaaally unreadable in the browsers.

Windows 7 Ultimate x64
AMD Phenom II x4 925 @2.8
ATI HD5770
WD 300g HDD
E2350 RGB LED monitor.

Any help would be appreciated it.

Wow, this one got people stumped? So am I. I even installed a different version of Firefox in a different directory and it still did the fuzzy wuzzy.

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