General inquiry about Hardware about USB 4.0 and 4-way SLI


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I want to know about two separate H/W parts.

1- USB 4.0

Every once in a while I do a search for USB 4.0. I am able to find some random parts that are for USB 4.0.

But I am still unable to find a motherboard that has USB 4.0 on it or a PCIe card that can be added to a computer that is USB 4.0.

Is there a Motherboard or a PCIe card that is USB 4.0 yet?

2- 4-way SLI motherboard.

This question is for people who are using 4-way SLI for gaming or graphics design.

The largest motherboard that I found online is for a 4-way SLI motherboard is from EVGA and it has 7 PCIe card slots on it.

The question is. Is it possible to use the other slots that are on the motherboard?

The width of the NVidia VGA takes up two slots because the heat sink is very wide for gaming VGA cards.

It is possible to use the covered slots if I change the heat sink to a water block that will reduce the card width to not take more than one slot space on the motherboard.