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Windows 8 Gesture2Launch to make it faster to launch apps on Win8


Feb 5, 2013
Taipei, February 4th – Linpus, a leader in the field of open source software in the consumer space, announced the release of a new application for Windows 8. Linpus, one of the most successful open source vendors in the notebook and consumer device market, has recently added Android and Windows applications to its product range. Linpus' focus with this application for Windows 8, Gesture2Launch, was to utilize touch gestures to give an easier and quicker way to launch apps across the traditional desktop and Metro mode. In many cases, up to 4 taps can be saved when, for example, using a gesture to turn off your computer.

Linpus Gesture2Launch works in this way: after running the application the interface has a number of predefined gestures (in the form of the letters of the alphabet) and actions to map these gestures to, including: applications and to various actions like restarting your device. You can then choose to link the action to the letter of the alphabet you feel most appropriate and then simply write that letter anywhere on the screen to launch. Besides restarting your devices, some of the things you can launch are: control panel, file explorer, Windows store, music, media playback actions like play/pause, stop, next, previous music/video – and also shutdown, log out and wireless on/off.

“Besides reducing actions to launch applications, Linpus Gesture2Launch makes it easier from a number of other perspectives,” said Rita Jing, vice-president of sales. “Finding shortcuts and tapping icons and menu bars on the traditional desktop not designed for touch can be a problem, a simple gesture written anywhere on the screen helps to solve this issue.”

Specifically, it has the features listed below:
1) Supports the letters “a” to “z” as predefined gestures.
2) Letters can be mapped to up to 30 predefined actions and applications.
3) Does more than just launch applications, can also do actions, such as, turn off your device
4) Easy system for mapping, editing and changing of gestures to actions and applications.
5) Write on both the traditional desktop and Metro mode to launch
6) Supports English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.
7) Linpus Gesture Engine

Linpus Gesture2Launch is available in both basic and full editions. It is on the Windows Store and available to download directly from Linpus website.