Windows 7 Get the new taskbar.

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    I,ve been busy, over the weekend, browsing around for anything interesting on "7"
    It looks like, at this stage, it's a matter of "what you see is what you get". But I did find this page. If anyone wants to see what the future taskbar is going to look like, run through this little execise. It is not so daunting as it looks. It worked for me.
    Flashy Windows 7 bits protected by elaborate scheme, workaround - Within Windows
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    mmm, very nice find, davehc. :) I got it working in around 3 minutes
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    Nice find for sure. Got mine up and running too. =D

    PS: This definitely reminds me of the days of Longhorn. Enabling the Sidebar when it was hidden, ghetto rigging glass..... ah, the memories.


    Edit; a similar route for those who can't take ownership through command prompt (Like me, for some reason on my laptop)

    Simply download a copy of a tool I whipped up for either x86 or x64 (untested thus far), drop it into your Windows\ directory and do the following:

    Open your Windows Directory (Usually C:\Windows)
    Find explorer.exe
    Right click, choose properties
    Select the 'Security' tab
    Click 'Advanced' at the bottom
    Click The 'Owner' tab
    Choose your user name, and click 'Apply'
    Close all the warning messages
    Close all the boxes except the C:\Windows\ directory
    Right click explorer.exe again, choose properties
    Select the 'Security' tab again
    Click Edit
    Click on each user name and then fill the 'Allow' column for each, clicking apply before switching users.

    Open an administrative command prompt
    (open the start menu, type 'cmd', right click, choose run as administrator)
    Execute the following commands, replacing %windir% and %USERNAME% with your own path and credentials

    * cacls %windir%\explorer.exe /E /G “%USERNAME%”:F
    * taskkill /im explorer.exe /f
    * cd %windir%
    * start unlockProtectedFeatures.exe

    Click the unlock button when the prompt comes up
    BAM! Windows 7 Taskbar.
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