Giant baboon squashes car at Knowsley Safari Park

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    What's this monkey business? It would appear an enormous baboon has gone on the rampage at a popular animal park, flattening cars with a single blow.

    The monkey pictured is in fact a normally proportioned baboon. It's just an optical illusion unwittingly created by photographer Chez Owen.

    Impeccable timing and the angle of the picture make the monkey look like the new King Kong.

    Knowsley Safari Park, where the image was taken, is well known for its menagerie of cheeky monkeys.

    In 2009 a group of tearaway baboons at the park had to be issued with 'Anti Social Baboon Orders' after they worked out how to open rooftop luggage boxes.

    The pesky primates were making off with visitors' belongings, including clothes, food and jewellery.

    There are currently more than 140 baboons at Knowsley Safari Park and visitor surveys consistently show them to be the attraction's most popular exhibit.

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    Thank god he wasnt showing his arse

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