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Like many of you, I'm looking at jumping into developing Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform apps. So like most of you, I fire up Visual Studio, New Project and look for a Project Template to help me hit the ground running.

Let's see, for creating a Windows 10 app there's... one UI template. Yeah, one, "Blank App. - A project for a single-page Universal Windows Platform app that has no predefined controls or layout."

Um, okay... I was hoping for a little more and I've seen discussions that others are two.

Well the community has risen to the challenge! Koen Zwikstra and First Floor Software have not only released four templates to the Visual Studio Gallery but also released them to GitHub too. :)

UWP: new VS2015 project templates

Announcing additional project templates for creating Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps in Visual Studio 2015. The project templates serve as a great starting point for creating different type of UWP apps. The Visual Studio extension is named UWP Templates, and includes the following new project templates;

Blank App, a basic XAML project with a single XAML page. Similar to the standard Blank App template, included in the Windows 10 tools, but without the Application Insights telemetry stuff.

SplitView App, a multi-page app project with adaptive split view layout

Composition App, a framework-less project for creating apps using the visual layer and Windows.UI.Composition APIs

Composition XAML App, a project for both XAML and Windows.UI.Composition APIs

The UWP Templates extension supports Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition and up. The extension is available in the Visual Studio Gallery. The full source code of the extension is available at GitHub.

Install the extension is fast and using them is quick and easy too.

Project New, Click, click and you have the starting point for your next UWP app! :)

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