Windows 7 God of thunder back in Final Fantasy XV

Ling Ling

Ramuh summon thunder god is very familiar in line game Final Fantasy, is often portrayed as the shape of an old magician with a long beard to toe. Use the thunder do attack, Ramuh will also be present in the latest version of Final Fantasy XV as new gameplay of the game revealed.

Not much change in the design, though Ramuh of Final Fantasy XVappear to giant size and when he threw the stick down from the top to finish off the monster Behemoth, viewers will have to chisel before the Details of epic magical effect. Also according to the video description, summon will be recalled when the Noctis HP drops to 0 and fall into a state of danger.

Final Fantasy XV Ramuh Summon.

Besides Ramuh, in the previous trailer of Final Fantasy XV viewers can see the emergence of Leviathan and Titan with equally sized "solemn".Prediction some other familiar faces in the line of Final Fantasy as Ifrit, Shiva, Bahamut ... most likely not forget to play in this latest installment.

Demo of Final Fantasy XV named Duscae Episode already launched with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD on PS4 and Xbox One.


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Can't wait to try the demo out myself!


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It looks gorgeous, but I sense that they've gone full-on western RPG with this, and its hard to see any remnant of Final Fantasy in it. There was never anything wrong with turn-based battles. "too linear" didn't mean go all out Skyrim