God spelled back wards!

Hi! Having a little fun and then I'm going to hit the sack and see you all tomorrow.
Yes I'm the real thing. A little crazy maybe, but I'm the real thing! Just a old country boy that loves people and most of the time they love me back. Storms in Oklahoma next 7 days. Hey whoosh what's up friend!!
I have started this thread for a friend that loves his dog and is his avatar.;)
don't mess with the big dog!:rofl:


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The German Shepard is my pick of all the breads of dogs. A dog will always love you no mater how many times you kick and abuse them.
Humans need to learn from dogs!
As stated by @Josephur in a thread now closed. We need to get along and love each other.
can I get a Amen on that.
Is this great forum or what??;):)

I promised myself if I ever found a help forum like Windows forum, I would let it all hang out. That's what I'm doing now.
I'm just about burned out on help forums with the big Ego's ,and the I'm smarter then you attitude of some, and you don't know any thing because I have 13 degrees. All that BS don't really impress me all that much! I do admire those that have been to school on computers. I wish I was younger.
I'm tired of hearing about all the degrees you have earned. I learned every thing I know from friends and from the school of hard knocks.
I don't know half as much as some; but I'm always ready to learn and pass forward things I have learned from others, and things I can still remember. What you see from me is what you get. A old country boy that loves people. I have probably over shot my load, but I have kept my promise to myself.:usa::usa::usa:tonight!
Good night friends

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