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Windows 8 Green, blue,red screen


New Member
Dec 28, 2012
Has anybody encountered after upgrading to windows 8 pro the red, green, blue screen? I get this, however if I let the computer set for awhile it stops and I can touch the mouse and windows 8 appears. Any help would be great. By the way new to this forum. Thanks

do you mean the screens shown when starting the os for the first time? You don't seen those again once you've gone through the Personalise section. I don't know if you've rebooted since installing but you'll soon see they're not around..
No every time it reboots the screens are there. It alternates from red green blue etc and keeps repeating that. You can here that windows has loaded in the background. I have worked with DELL hours and hours on this and no fix. Frustrated so wenr back to windows 7. Thanks for your response.
without more information i cannot offer any more advice. If you would like to pursue this further then I'd be only too happy to help. Can you list your machine, model and manufacturer thanks.
I checked and there is a windows 8 driver:
Drivers & Downloads | Dell United States

Thanks, I tried that one and it said it was not compatible with my graphics card.
I can us windows 8 but if I restart it goes to those lovely screens, and after my computer goes into sleep mode or hibernation all I have to do is move the mouse and there the screen is for windows 8. I can do whatever I want in it, just don't restart. Maybe eventually they will find a fix. Thanks so much.

I notice you said that you upgraded to windows 8. If this is the case then personally I'd perform a clean or custom install. That driver is definitely for your card and your machine plus it's on the manufacturers page. I doubt very much that there is an incompatibility issue here. Upgrades are not the best way to move over to a new os. Old files can be left behind leading to corruption and it's always better to perform a clean install.
Hi Kemical,
I at first just did the upgrade. Then since it wasn't working I got in contact with microsoft and they tried all kinds of things an then finally walked me through how to make a media disc, so this last time when I did the install I did it from the disc and followed all the instructions I was given from microsoft. Doesn't mean I did everything right. As I said before the only time I get the roatating screens is if I turn off the computer or it restarts, then after is goes to sleep mode, or I should say when the on off button turns orange all I have to do is move the mouse and windows 8 is there and everything works fine with no problems, so would this issue be the graphics card? Thanks
Link Removed This is the error I get via the dell website. Also on the nvidia site. Hope it loaded correctly
Hmm... let me do a bit of research regarding your system and i'll get back to you ok? TBO I would have that your system would have been perfect for windows 8 especially as your manufacturers web page carries the drivers.
Not sure you can see this but this is the screens in action. Hope I am not being a pain.
Thanks so much for any help you can give me. M
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seems like your not the only one with this issue. Check out this link to the Dell community forums with a solution of sorts:

Link Removed
Hey that's great! A friend of mine actually found the post as we were both trawling the net for answers (Thanks Jim). Thank you for updating your thread.