Windows 7 GUI effects randomly disable


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At some point during my usage, the effects for minimizing, closing, opening, and maximizing get turned off by Windows. I'll be enjoying the effects until at some point... closing and opening windows become instant (like in Windows XP or older), same with minimize/maximize. I never turn these off, but windows for some reason does.

What gets me is, I go all the way into system control panel and adjust those settings... they are STILL checked! I uncheck/recheck them and press apply and I get my effects back. It doesn't last forever, though... the effects eventually stop working again and I have to once again go all the way into that panel to force them to work again.

Anyone else having these issues? Is it because of certain games being run?
can't help you but i've noticed that turning of sounds of a theme and saving it as a modified theme evrything works fine until one point where the theme decides to stay with one wallpaper. but it is configured to rotate every 30 min.
I've just recently experienced this SAME exact problem described by the poster. Has anyone found the solution for this yet?